Tips for photographing your new baby

Tips for photographing your new baby

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All new parents want to capture every moment with their new baby – your newborn is precious and changing every day. Maternity Network member and professional photographer, Abi Moore, shares her top tips for photographing your little bundle of joy.

  • Lighting can make or break a photograph. Camera flashes are perfectly safe for babies but don’t make for the best photographs – it’s better to use natural light wherever possible. Open curtains wide and, where possible, photograph your baby close to a window (avoiding direct sunlight as this will give harsh shadows).
  • Avoid distractions in images to keep the focus on your baby. Dress them in simple clothing without any brightly coloured pictures or patterns. Don’t be afraid to get in close for images, filling the camera frame with your baby’s face.

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  • Safety is paramount. These days it’s common to see photos of babies posed on their fronts or holding their head up on their hands. Newborn photographers who pose in this way should be fully trained in doing so safely. Many of these photos will be a combination of two images, using Photoshop to remove parents’ supporting hands in the final image. As an amateur, it’s best to stick to natural images with good lighting, than attempt difficult poses that may endanger your baby.
  • Keep your camera handy. You never know when your baby’s firsts will happen so ensure your camera is always to hand so you can capture then. Don’t forget to photograph other little details such as their tiny hands and feet (use your own hands to give a size comparison as they grow)
  • Whilst the camera on your phone will take good snapshots, a good camera is a worthwhile investment to capture the memories of your little one’s first few days. It may sound obvious, but read your camera’s instruction book, so you know how to get the best from it.
  • Don’t forget to get in the frame yourself! When they’re older your little one will love to see pictures of you holding them as a new baby (even if they’re sure to laugh at the dated clothes and hairstyles!). Photos are part of family history and it’s so important that parents appear in them too.

I hope these tips will help you get the best images of your new bundle of joy. However, nothing beats professional photographs, whether you choose images whilst they’re newborn (ideally within their first 14 days) or once they’re older and their personalities start to show.

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Before booking a photographer take a look at images online and decide what style you like – would you prefer natural photographs or something more posed or with props? Check your chosen photographer’s portfolio offers similar photos to the ones you like and that they have plenty of experience. Most importantly, check your photographer is insured and trained, particularly in how to photograph your baby safely.

Finally, please print your photos! More photos are being taken now than ever before in our history, but fewer and fewer are being printed. Seeing framed images will make you smile every day and is proven to boost a child’s self-esteem!

Author bio: Abi Moore is a professional photographer based in Windsor and working across Berkshire. She is a fully trained, qualified, insured and award-winning newborn and baby photographer. Her natural and relaxed style captures the perfect memories of your baby’s first weeks or months. Find out more at