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  • Are you a professional who has an interest in supporting the niche area of fertility, pregnancy, birth or babies?

  • Do you work in the Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Surrey, Hampshire areas?



My name is Louise Prince and I founded The Maternity Network 10 years ago. The Maternity Network is a group of highly qualified, trusted small businesses in the fertility, pregnancy and baby niche.
We hope you’ll find everything you need here to make an informed decision whether our networking community is something you wish to be involved in. We have groups moving much further afield, so if you have a network you’re growing, but want to join a larger connection and gain support to boost the growth and efficiency of your group, then we’re happy to bring you under the Maternity Network banner.

~Please read about our aims and how we support local people~

The Maternity Network is a local business initiative to support small, independent fertility, pregnancy, birth and baby qualified professionals to collaborate and generate more business through working together.

Aims and objectives of the Maternity Network:

We are a group of qualified maternity and baby local professionals dedicated to:

  • Providing clients with the best alternative therapy/class within our field of expertise.
  • Ensuring clients have choices when searching for qualified therapy/class.
  • Giving alternative holistic information and supporting client’s choices for their fertility, pregnancy, birth and baby.
  • Give clients confidence that they can trust in our skills.
  • Working together to continuously improve our businesses.
  • Refer business to other members of the group.

The Maternity Network is dependent upon treating clients as individuals, ethically, responsibly and within our skillset. You retain responsibility for your business practice, clients and insurance.

We currently have members and groups covering Maidenhead, Windsor, Slough, Marlow, High Wycombe, Ascot, Wokingham, Woodley, Reading and more adding all the time!

To be a member you must:
  • Abide by the Codes of Practice, Codes of Conduct, Codes of Ethics and Codes of Safe Practice as outlined by your professional body/association.
  • Must hold up-to-date valid insurance for full professional indemnity cover.
  • Must hold a diploma/appropriate full training in your field and be able to provide a copy of your qualifications/training.
  • Already have an established client base in fertility / pregnancy / baby. We cannot support start up businesses.
  • Have been qualified and experienced for at least 2 years, depending upon your field of expertise.

1. We produce a professional brochure and you get a bunch of these to give to your clients. Here’s an example of how you network: If I see 10 clients a week, that’s 10 clients you’ve reached just by being part of the network. With 10 members local to you each giving out MN brochures, your details have reached 100 potential new clients.

2. You also have access to the supportive professionals sharing their knowledge and support to help grow your business.

3. Each member can create a profile within our directory, as a member of the team you specialise in. You can also add blogs/articles of information to direct the public to you.

4. You can get involved in local baby fayres and events by sharing the cost of a table/stall/advertising/marketing with the MN team.

5. Each area group has several face to face coffee meetings in which you can promote yourself to the other members, swap leaflets, share information, knowledge, tips, business and discuss improvements to the MN in a relaxed, friendly and productive atmosphere. It’s through these face to face meetings that friendships and coalitions are formed and businesses grow. Word of mouth referrals work well when others know you personally.

6. We have a closed members group for discussion and support.

7. Use the MN ‘Recognised Member’ logo on your stationary, website etc.

You can join at any time of the year, we ask all new members for a donation of £65 towards the running and support of the MN. Our founder, treasurer, membership secretary, accounts, social media and website support are all voluntary. All the money is reinvested into the maternity network.  Annual membership renewal date is 1st July.

To meet with Louise, you can do so via facetime, whats app or zoom. Email to arrange.