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What we do – Pregnancy to Parenthood

Are you pregnant? Looking for an antenatal class, which will help to prepare you for what the birth is reallylike?  Have you just had your baby and need some help? Or are you struggling with a one year old, not sure what’s ‘normal’ for your child’s development?  Do not struggle through – this is where I can help.

At Big Steps Little Feet I can help you every step of the way into parenthood from pregnancy through to the first year and beyond.  I believe that the value of choice, non-judgmental and nurturing is paramount to feeling empowered.  I am a qualified Nurse, Health Visitor, Pregnancy and Newborn Baby Specialist based in Windsor, Berkshire. I work with new parents, babies and young children.

The first step is naturally the birth of the baby, antenatal classes are a great place to start to understand what happens, how you can have the birth you really want and to be as prepared and empowered as possible, CLICK HERE to find out more.

The second step is the early days, understanding what your baby is trying to tell you can be frustrating, until you speak the same language, then things become very clear. CLICK HERE to find out more.

The third step is the baby growing to year 1 and all of the developmental milestones including issues related to routine, sleep and feeding up to the transition into a toddlerhood which brings a whole new set of steps! CLICK HERE to find out more.

All workshops services and one to one meetings are grounded in the fact that your birth, your baby and your journey are unique to you.

Get in touch to discuss your individual needs and to arrange your FREE, no obligation 30-minute phone consultation.

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