I’m Caireen and I’m delighted to be bringing BilinguaSing Spanish baby, toddler, pre-school & primary classes to Maidenhead, Marlow and Beaconsfield (with classes in Wycombe, Henley & Bourne End to follow – please let me know if you’re interested).

Languages have always been my passion and after using them throughout my corporate career, my Spanish husband and I were both keen to bring up our son in a bilingual environment. I therefore started taking my little man to BilinguaSing classes (Baby Loves Spanish) very soon after they started in 2013. The classes proved ideal as my son loved the combination of music, movement and sensory stimuli.

Most of the parents in the class were complete novices to Spanish, but were soon singing along very confidently in both languages. It’s amazing how easy it is to learn a language through music and song – especially when the classes are so engaging and fun! So when I was offered the opportunity to join the BilinguaSing team, I jumped at the chance.

Phone: 07884 113601


Caireen Ewart


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