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Pregnancy Yoga provides you with 1hr 15mins of

  • Safe exercise in pregnancy
  • Strengthening and stretching
  • Deep relaxation
  • Confidence building for labour and birth 
  • Breathing for labour and birth
  • Active Birth Postures

Cost of classes is £12 for a trial class or 4 classes for £40

One to one classes available in your own home £55 per hour



Hypnobirthing with midwife Vanessa
A course of 12 hours (4 x 3 hour classes) to prepare for a calm, confident, peaceful, empowering and more comfortable birth.  In your own home one to one (couple) or two couples. Vanessa offers great flexibility to meet your needs. 
Over 12 hours, Vanessa uses hypnosis (deep relaxation) to reprogramme your subconscious mind not to fear birth but to feel confident, empowered and calm towards birth.  Whilst under gentle hypnosis Vanessa removes all the negative feelings and experiences towards birth you may have and fills your subconscious mind in abundance with positive feelings and positive visual images of birth. Where the mind leads, the body follows and never is this more true or more powerful than during childbirth. 
“Hypnobirthing is a commitment and daily practice is required alone and with your birthing partner and of course you need to apply it on the big day!”
It is our subconscious mind that holds all our power, strength, emotions and feelings – not our ‘rational’ conscious mind (as most of us think). We all know someone who is scared of spiders or flying for example. That fear is controlled by their subconscious mind. Their ‘rational’ conscious mind can tell them that “the spider is tiny, I am huge, it cannot hurt me, this is crazy” but when confronted with the spider the subconscious mind controls and overrides the conscious ‘rational’ mind, and therefore their reaction is to scream and run!  The subconscious mind is accessed under hypnosis and can be reprogrammed not to fear spiders and to react instead in a positive way. Thus, the next time they see a spider they react calmly, confidently and without fear. 
The subconscious mind can control when you go into labour. It can control the hormones you produce in labour (helpful and not helpful), and this is all based on your feelings towards birth. Programming the subconscious mind to feel confidently towards birth and your ability to give birth calmly, peacefully, without stress or trauma, really makes a huge difference and you are more likely to go into labour spontaneously and not require post dates induction of labour. Hypnobirthing will help you to remain calm, confident and in control in all situations. It really does make a difference. 
“Hypnobirthing cannot promise you the perfect birth, but what is does promise you is that it makes a huge difference to every birth.”
Vanessa has helped couples hypnobirth through ‘induction of labour’, ‘high risk birth’, ‘low risk birth’ and even ‘planned caesarean sections’.There is no limit to using hypnobirthing to achieve a calm and gentle birth for mum and baby by whichever method is necessary.
Being in control in labour means being able to adapt calmly and peacefully to a sometimes rapidly changing situation, having the ability to reground at each twist and turn, without fear and distress, but with calmness and confidence.”  
Vanessa teaches you self-hypnosis techniques to use in labour for a calm and more comfortable birth.  She teaches you breathing for labour, visualisations and massage / stroking techniques for birthing partners, so that they can support you completely. 
This is also a comprehensive antenatal class and so you will learn all you need to know about labour, birth, birthing positions, birth plans, medication options, medical interventions and when they are needed, water birth, home birth, perineal massage and anything else you want to ask! Remember I am a midwife, so you can ask me anything. There is no need to do Parent Craft Classes or NCT Classes if you complete your Hypnobirthing Course, although these other classes are a great way to get to know other couples.
For more information and an informal chat please call Vanessa on 07455 363262 or email her at 
Prices include 12 hours of tuition in your own home, “The Hypnobirthing Book” by Katharine Graves, a daily practice CD/MP3 and Labour Hypnobirthing Music CD/MP3.
One Couple with Vanessa in your own home £430
Two Couples with Vanessa in your own home £275 per couple

Maternity Reflexology with Vanessa

Reflexology is a powerful way of treating pregnancy related minor disorders of pregnancy and to prepare your body for labour. It is a complementary therapy based on a principle that one small area of the body (in this case the feet), represents a “map” of the whole body.
It can help to prevent the need for postdates induction of labour when this date is ‘looming’ in front of you. Three reflexology sessions on alternate days before your induction date can help you go into spontaneous labour and therefore can help prevent the need for induction of labour.
“Reflexology in your own home for your own comfort and relaxation”
£45 for 50 minutes
or buy 4 Reflexology Sessions for £160
Postdates Reflexology £55
call Vanessa for weekday and evening appointments
on 07455 363262
or email Vanessa to

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