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Conception, pregnancy and birth are a natural part of our lives.  For some, sadly, this is not always as smooth running as they’d hope.  Sometimes you just need a little support to help you enjoy the process and fulfill your dreams.



When you’re struggling to conceive, either because of fertility problems or with unexplained infertility, I can offer support to help remove the blocks that maybe stopping you from achieving your desire to be a mother.  I also offer support for those who are coming to terms with the diagnosis of infertility for whatever reason.

When you embark on the process of IVF, it can be a daunting journey and bring its own stress.  Hypnotherapy can help to reduce stress and use the wonderful power of your mind to enhance your chances of success.



Sometimes, mums-to-be can have fears regarding any aspect of pregnancy and childbirth whether from a previous birth, because of stories that they’ve heard, due to a medical condition or a related long-held fear such as fear of needles, hospitals etc.  These fears can be released safely and gently through hypnosis giving you the peace and confidence to look forward to the birth.

Hypnobirthing is now a recognized tool to enable women to feel calm, confident and in control during childbirth.  I follow the Easibirthing® method of hypnobirthing together with some valuable added tips I’ve gained from my years of working as both a nurse and midwife in maternity.  I offer both group classes and 1:1 sessions for mums-to-be and their birthing partner.


Post birth

Having a baby can bring a multitude of emotions wrapped up in a good supply of tiredness.  For some mums, there are elements of the birth or motherhood that stop them from enjoying their time with their baby whether it’s from a traumatic birth experience, post-natal depression or a feeling of being overwhelmed by the process of motherhood.  I offer a safe place to share your thoughts and offer a variety of ways to help you deal with your feelings and enjoy motherhood.


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