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I’m Karen Sternhell, a registered homeopath with over twenty years experience. Homeopathy is a holistic, natural system of medicine; it is gentle and safe. Safe to use before, during and after pregnancy, safe for you, safe for your baby.



Whether you’re having problems conceiving for the first time or already have  a child/children and are having problems conceiving again. Problems around fertility can be stressful, emotionally draining and heartbreaking. We look at and understand both physical and emotional causes and effects. 


Pregnancy and birth

Homeopathy can help safely with the common pregnancy problems such as pregnancy nausea, indigestion, insomnia, anxieties and stress. We can look at a homeopathic kit of remedies chosen specifically for you to support you and your birth partner through labour and to aid recovery after the birth.


Baby and beyond

Again, homeopathy can help safely with a wide range of possible problems affecting you, your baby, and other members of your family such as older siblings after the birth. Problems I have helped with include sleeping (or not sleeping!), tiredness, exhaustion, feeding problems, mastitis, reflux, colic, emotional problems after the birth from the baby blues to post natal depression. 


To find out how homeopathy could help you please contact me for a free no obligation half hour consultation either in person or on the phone. I work in a quiet location in Maidenhead with plenty of parking.

Phone: 01628 580380

Website: www.karensternhell.co.uk

Email: karen@karensternhell.co.uk