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Kathryn Fish


I’m Kathryn Fish, an experienced and professional personal trainer based in Maidenhead and the surrounding area, who specialises in coaching women.  My aim is to give you the support, encouragement and knowledge to achieve your goal, whether it is weight loss, improving your muscle definition or rediscovering your mojo post-childbirth!  There are no crash diets, pills or potions with my personal training, just sensible, sustainable changes to your lifestyle and nutrition, alongside an exercise programme designed specifically for you.

Pregnancy and early motherhood can leave you feeling fatigued and out-of-shape, with little time to focus on your health and well-being.  Postnatal mums have unique physical needs and you may be suffering from diastasis recti (separated abdominal muscles), a weakened pelvic floor, lower back ache or upper back tension.  My pregnancy programme is designed to strengthen both posture and core and to prepare you for birth.  My postnatal programme can help you regain a functional core, become stronger and more energised.


I will come to your home for a short, free, consultation during which I will assess your posture, abdominal muscles, take your blood pressure and complete a full health assessment.  Training session are generally one hour long and take place at your home or in a local park.  I will bring all of the equipment with me.   We’ll also work on your posture, which can be altered by pregnancy and you’ll complete a food diary so that we can tweak your nutrition for the best results.

If you are postnatal, contact me once you’ve had your six-week medical check up (ten weeks post C-section) and been given the green light to resume exercise by your health professional..  I’ll give you guidance on the right way to get back into shape, explaining how to train your core and pelvic floor muscles correctly and safely.

To book a free, no-obligation consultation click here: http://kathrynfishpersonaltraining.co.uk/contact

Phone: 07989 561924
Email: kat@kathrynfishpt.co.uk