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Pregnancy & Postnatal Yoga Teacher in Burnham & Marlow

I am Jennie Phenix and have been teaching yoga for 13 years, specialising in pregnancy and postnatal yoga since 2006 and am a mum of 2. 

Pregnancy Yoga offers the opportunity for you to feel more comfortable during your pregnancy as it helps to boost energy levels, ease stress and anxiety, relieve aches and pains and common pregnancy ailments such as swelling, heartburn, lower back pain, breathlessness and insomnia.  We focus on postures that help to position your baby well and that will be helpful during labour and by regularly cultivating awareness of your breath during your pregnancy as well as specific breathing practices that will help keep you calm during labour it offers excellent preparation, both physically and emotionally for childbirth. The calmer and more relaxed you can be during labour, the better the chance you give yourself of your baby’s birth being a straight forward, natural vaginal delivery. 

Mummy and Baby Yoga (postnatal yoga) is a very effective way to safely rebuild your pelvic floor and core strength, stabilise the lower back and pelvis, release tension in the upper back, boost energy levels and help you feel calmer and more able to cope with the demands of a young baby. The aim of the the class is to heal yourself from the inside so you can go back to more dynamic, high impact exercise or yoga a little further down the line without risk of injury.  While the focus of my classes are on the mum’s safe postnatal recovery we do integrate the babies throughout the class and include some gentle baby yoga and rhymes and the classes provide a great way to bond with your baby as well as meet other new mums.

Over the past 8 years I am really lucky and grateful to have supported thousands of women in our area through their pregnancies and transition into motherhood. I am now having women coming back for their third round of classes with me as they are getting onto baby number 3 so they are clearly feeling the benefits. Yoga is something which i found truly helpful through both of my pregnancies and postnatal recovery periods and i am passionate about sharing yoga’s many benefits with my students.

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“I first went to Jennie’s pregnancy yoga back in 2013 when I was pregnant with my first baby. Since then I have returned for baby number two and now baby number three. My first pregnancy and labour were so relaxed and I totally think this was down to Jennie and her breathing techniques and yoga positions. When I returned in 2015, again her knowledge and calm demeanour helped me relax during what was sometimes a stressful pregnancy. I would definitely recommend her pregnancy yoga class to any expectant mum! “ Mel, Marlow

 “ I had my first pregnancy yoga class with Jennie in 2014 when expecting my son Sean then again in 2016 when expecting my daughter Alice. As a result I  had 2 wonderful water births, thanks to Jennie’s help and advice throughout  both pregnancies. I couldn’t recommend her classes enough.   I enjoyed so much that I ended up having baby yoga classes with both up until they were around 9 months old. Thank you Jennie! “  Rose, Burnham

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