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YogaBabes Postnatal yoga care with babies in Maidenhead

My name is Tara and I have been teaching yoga since 2001 and have specialized in post -natal care under the guidance of a wonderful mentor who was a doctor, osteopath and physiotherapist when I lived in Aruba. It was very much a midwife led birthing culture and post natal exercises were in the hands of the yoga teachers coached by our mentor. We put together some effective simple moves that focus on pelvic balance and supporting posture, which tends to suffer after birth. I learnt so much as I had a lot of repairing to do myself as my yoga practice was not appropriate for a postnatal breastfeeding mother.

Prenatal yoga is about relaxing and opening the pelvis and postnatal is quite the opposite. The most important thing is we ‘knit’ back together and build up awareness, strength and control again. Maybe we had poor posture before having a baby from office bound careers but this inefficient posture can only lead to pain and strain of back, neck and shoulders over the years. As mothers we want to become ‘stronger’ and have greater postural stamina for the very energetic role of parenthood. Lifting a child when your pelvis and tummy is not strong puts a lot of strain on the spine and discs.

With two YogaBabes classes to choose from each week ( pop into either depending on naps and feeds) that focus on the mother interweaved with fun, sensory and stimulating moves for the babies, using your body as the playground for exploration. Multi tasking is required for this class as often you are playing with your babes whilst listening and co-ordinating your exercises at the same time. I brief you each week and introduce some different postnatal strengthens for you and rhymes with moves for the babes as well as repeating the most important ones.

You can try the first class for £5 and if you want to continue you pay £35 for 6 classes to be used within a 2 month period. Many mothers continue the classes till the babies are crawling (as there is no quick fix for the pelvis or posture and we need the gentle reminders) and often the babies have a good sleep after so you can go home and rest or socialise!

I do have a mother and toddler class once a week that focuses mostly on the mums (and occasional dads) whilst the newly mobile toddlers explores the child friendly terrain of Larchfield Children’s Centre,(this is the class you can bring your baby and toddler to if you have them both at home).

Some mothers (not before 4 months ) prefer participating in my evening classes at the ‘Yoga Hub’ where they can continue their regular yoga practice ( but not over do it). My later class at 7.50pm is a firm favourite for mothers returning to work. Please email me if you have further questions or would like to enrol for your first class.


YOGA BABES Mother & child from 4 weeks till crawling

Tuesdays 11-11.50am
Yoga Hub, York Centre & Café,
42 York Road, Maidenhead, SL6 1SH for directions/parking
Wednesdays 2-2.50pm
Larchfield Children’s Centre,
Bargeman Road, Maidenhead SL6 2SG
Yoga Mums with Tots at Larchfield CC
3 – 3.50pm Wednesdays


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