The cranisacral effect on babies

The CranioSacral Effect on Birth Trauma

How would you, as an adult, respond to a stressful event?

Your heart might race, your breathing may become shallow and rapid, your blood might drain from various parts of your body, you could feel tense and agitated, and there may be effects on your digestive system, from butterflies in the tummy, to nausea, vomiting or worse.  Not pleasant!

Some babies find the experience of birth a stressful event, and will react in the same way – with a racing heart, breathing changes, a tight diaphragm, muscular contraction, digestive shutdown and agitation.  Luckily babies are very resilient, but some remain in this state of shock, and go on to display symptoms such as colic, poor sleep, restlessness, distress, and an inability to “switch off”.  Once the system is in shock, it makes coping with life difficult, making everything in life more of a struggle.

So what can help?  CranioSacral therapy is a very gentle hands-on treatment which is particularly valuable for treating babies. The aim of treatment in these babies is to settle the system, to allow the baby to calm down and to experience the feeling of being relaxed.  This can have a profound effect – many parents have commented that they have never seen their baby so calm and peaceful.  Once a baby is relaxed, it can feed more easily, its digestive system is able to function more efficiently, and it can settle into sleep.

Very powerful physical forces act on a baby during birth.  Fortunately the body’s abilities to recover are also powerful, and for most of us the effects will be relatively minor.  But with a difficult birth, where the baby’s head has been compressed for long periods, distorted due to the position the baby finds itself in, or pulled by forceps or ventouse, the body’s own healing and repair abilities may not be enough.  If the bones of the baby’s skull are not able to release from their compressed or distorted position and return to their optimal arrangement, this can cause problems.  The baby may only be comfortable with its head to one side, which can lead to flattening or moulding of the skull.  Blood supply to the developing brain may be compromised, or nerves may be compressed. The baby may simply have a big headache!  CranioSacral therapy can very gently release any restrictions and distortions and enable a balanced and healthy growth of the skull, and of the developing brain beneath.

The earlier the treatment, the more easily this will occur, and the more complete the recovery.

By Gillian Bowers CranioSacral therapis, Maternity Network member and Mobile therapist

Pregnancy Yoga

How pregnancy yoga can enhance your pregnancy and Birth

Yoga promotes mental and physical wellbeing and balance and is particularly helpful during pregnancy which is a time of great transition and uncertainty. Guidelines recommend doing gentle exercise during pregnancy as a way of coping with the challenges of being pregnant, and as a means of building strength to deal with the rigours of labour.

Pregnancy yoga is appropriate exercise but also offers much more in terms of breath awareness, birthing postures, visualisation, meditation and relaxation which help enhance a woman’s experience of pregnancy, birth and beyond.

Perhaps the most fundamental benefit of practicing pregnancy yoga is learning the ability to really relax. Pregnancy can often be a rollercoaster of emotions and taking time out to relax will make the experience of pregnancy more enjoyable as well as providing an optimal environment for your baby to grow.

Regular relaxation also helps alleviate fatigue before it becomes incapacitating, as the breathing practices central to pregnancy yoga have both an energising and calming effect on the nervous system. Training yourself to relax during pregnancy will make it much easier to take this with you into labour.

Particularly helpful is to use the pauses between each contraction to deeply relax so you can recharge, conserve energy and let go of any tension that may have built up during the contraction. As you move through your labour if you remain relaxed, you will be releasing endorphins which are the body’s natural pain relief, and prevent the release of stress hormones which can slow labour down.

Physically, pregnancy can be a challenging time as the bodies of both mother and baby are constantly changing. Yoga postures can help to ease common pregnancy ailments such heartburn, lower back pain, poor circulation and leg cramps. The pelvic floor is also specifically addressed in a pregnancy yoga class and through deep breathing and exercises it is prepared to become a ‘birthing muscle’, by increasing its elasticity. It is important that as well as having strength it is also able to let go.

Many of the postures and techniques which are practiced during a pregnancy yoga class are helpful to encourage your baby into a good position for a straight-forward birth. By regularly practicing positions which will be helpful during labour, when the time comes to give birth they will be second nature so you will naturally gravitate towards them.

Pregnancy yoga develops breath awareness and teaches techniques which help to maintain a sense of calmness and wellbeing during pregnancy and labour.

The balanced state of mind which yoga creates teaches both focus and surrender, which gives the ability to respond calmly to the demands of the moment. This is essential during a contraction to enable you to breath into it rather than tense up, and run away from it and as a result you won’t become overwhelmed.

Learning to focus during pregnancy is an invaluable skill to take with you into labour and while yoga does not guarantee a quick and easy delivery it does make it easier for you to withdraw internally to an instinctive world which enables you to accept and adapt to whatever happens, and go with the experience calmly.

By Jennie Phenix, mum of two young children.

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